Liam Stevens : From Form


April 12, 2019 ~ June 1, 2019

“Observing the development of urban space, I look at the way in which natural elements respond and interact, producing work that stems from both the organic and constructed world we inhabit.” - Liam Stevens

ONE FOUR is pleased to present From Form, a solo exhibition by london based artist and designer Liam Stevenson.

Drawing on connections from the nature and architectural, From Form elicits a departure from an original state or structure. Through strict editing Stevens creates compositions that have moved beyond their original source, becoming intangible and partially reliant on the absence of form.

Adopting line and form in repeat format, his process also draws parallels with both nature’s ability to produce variations of the similar object, such as raindrops or leaves on a tree, and our own fabricated environment, with its duplicate grids, structures and intersections. As such, Stevens’ works are distinguished in three color schemes: blue, red, and green.

The acrylics washes in this exhibition - quadratic variations drenched with pigment and retained within the solid edges and ruled boundaries of a raw canvas - explore similarities through connections in material and space. Stevens presents rectilinear details within the canvases to help envision geometric difference of architecture behind the vastly changing landscapes of his inspiration. The miscellaneous patterns intersecting with negative space, color and surface draw an uncanny resemblance to the spontaneous and unpredictable variations within nature.

Liam Stevens

Born in 1985 in Somerset, Stevens is currently based on London. His most recent solo show was Intervalles at Studio Fotokino in Marseille, France and has previously appeared in group shows in London, Italy and Japan.

His selected clients include: Hermes, The Guardian, New Statement, Wired UK, Mannuel Creative, Anya Hindmarch, Lovers Agency, Ikea, Mutina, Winkreative, The Ride Journal, Conde Nast, B&B Italia, Studio Tack, CF Napa, SCRT Clothing, Booklet Tokyo, Murdoch Books, The Rug Company, Little Otsu, My Robot Friend.

He has been published in モノクロ絵の世界 A Journey Through Monochrome Illustrations (BNN, 2015), Walk The Line: The Art of Drawing (Laurence King, 2014), Tiny Pencil: Volume1: The Forest Issue (2013), Freehand-Chronicle Books (2013), Little Book of Lettering-Chronicle Books (2012), Oh Comely (Issue Nine) (2012), Papercraft2-Gestalten (2011).

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