A Viewing Room


April 6, 2021 ~ May 31, 2021

A Viewing Room is an online screening programme of moving image works by Korean visual artists, presented on the KCCUK Website from 6th, April to 31st, May.

The Korean Cultural Centre UK is delighted to present A Viewing Room, an artist film programme featuring new and recent video works by eight contemporary Korean artists and artist groups, running from 6 April – 31 May 2021. Following the one-year anniversary of the Covid-19 outbreak officially being declared a pandemic, the works’ themes and concerns – psychological wellbeing, social solidarity, care systems, reconfiguring embodiment in relation to our environment, and the transition from offline to online – appear more relevant than ever.

Participating artists include Jeongyoon AHN, Jeamin CHA, CHA Ji Ryang, Taey IOHE, Jooyeon LEE, Minhwi LEE & Yun CHOI, RHO Jae Oon, and the Rice Brewing Sisters Club. Each artist or artist group has been nominated by a member of the exhibition’s curatorial committee, made up of Jaemin Cha (Korean Cultural Centre UK), Annie Jael Kwan (Asia-Art-Activism), Sun Park (Lux), and Adeena Mey (Afterall).

Each exhibition runs from Tuesday 10 AM (BST) through to the following Monday 5 PM (BST)


04.06.(화) – 04.12.(월) 하ㅓki 이주연 - Back to Back
04.13.(화) – 04.19.(월) 하ㅓki 안정윤 - Onlooker
04.20.(화) – 04.26.(월) 하ㅓki 차재민Jeamin - Sound Garden
04.27.(화) – 05.03.(월) 하ㅓki 차지량Cha - After Life
05.04.(화) – 05.10.(월) Taey Iohe - A great circle with no rim
05.11.(화) – 05.17.(월) Rice Brewing Sisters Club - Mountain Storytellers, Storytelling Mountains: A Tale Theatre
05.18.(화) – 05.24.(월) ㅓb나ㅐ 이민휘 & ㅓb나ㅐ 최윤 - Viral Lingua
05.25.(화) – 05.31.(월) ㅓb나ㅐ 노재운 - Dear John S#. 01. Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

웹사이트: https://kccuk.org.uk/en/programmes/a-viewing-room/overview-viewing-room/


* 아트바바에 등록된 모든 이미지와 글의 저작권은 각 작가와 필자에게 있습니다.

현재 진행중인 전시

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